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Getting Started

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. Stop feeling overwhelmed & anxious, stop emotional eating, and start feeling amazing.

Do any of theses sound like you?

  • You are smart, successful, and committed in so many areas of your life
  • You look in the mirror and often don’t recognize yourself
  • You don’t understand why your willpower isn’t strong enough to just stop
  • Around 3pm you find yourself in the pantry grabbing a snack or wondering if it’s late enough to have a glass of wine to deal with stress from the day
  • Your strong for everyone all day long and feel absolutely exhausted by the end of the day
  • Everyone is in bed and you finally feel like you can breathe and all you think about is numbing out on the couch
  • You often have feelings of loneliness, exhaustion, and overwhelm leaving you binging on sweet or salty treats.

Anxiety is part of the human experience. It’s how we have evolved.

The key isn’t to avoid it or shame it. It is to learn how to live with it. It’s time you and your anxiety become friends.

The only thing that has gone wrong right now is how you are dealing with your anxiety. This leads to habits and behaviors that make you feel like sh*t.

In order to cultivate confidence, recognize your own worthiness, set powerful boundaries for yourself, and find more balance in the day to day you must learn to think differently.

You think it’s going to be hard and complicated. Our brains are wired for safety, pleasure, and comfort so anything that challenges you out of your comfort zone, your brain is going to resist. Nothing has gone wrong. You aren’t broken. It’s time to learn a new skill.

My process is simple.

From negative self-talker to possibility dealer.

From indecisive to decision master.

From people pleasing to pleasing you.

From procrastination to action taker.

From overwhelmed to organized.

We are going to rewire your brain.

What you are going to get from this program

In this program you will create a healing relationship with yourself, with your body, food, and with others. You will become a powerful decision maker, you will build self-trust, self-confidence, and healthy habits so you become the person who is living a calm healthy life.

  • All this will be done from a place of love
  • You will build trust with yourself, trust around food, alcohol, or any other false pleasures so you will make change that will last
  • When you are complete with chaos to calm you will create a lighter, healthier, stronger body and mind
  • You will feel like you again
  • You will have a deep understanding of how your mind works
  • You will no longer be controlled by desire
  • You will have a life filled with ease and calm
  • Learn to do this one decision at a time.

Now What?

The next step is to book a free mini session with me to see if my program is a good fit. I would love to get to know you and I promise to offer you amazing value and resources even if we don’t work together.

I have been coaching with Rachel for just over a year and I that year I have learned more ways to manage my anxiety, depression, and stress than I did in 12 years of therapy.

I have been coaching with Rachel for just over a year and I that year I have learned more ways to manage my anxiety, depression, and stress than I did in 12 years of therapy. The most influential things that Rachel taught me were meditation and how to really feel feelings I my body and be able to label then for example, anxiety feel like my heart is racing. Her coaching style is very honest, and she does not let you get away with saying “I don’t know” which is my default response. Also, even though she is honest with her clients she is able to communicate in a way that is sensitive to the needs for the client for example, if the client is sensitive to other people constructive feedback she is able to deliver it I a way that won’t make the client feel like they are being judged. I highly recommend working with Rachel if you are wanting to increase your confidence, srt a business, work on your anxiety as her tools are easy to learn and they work plus she is very supportive through the process. Ellen W.