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Ready to start feeling like yourself again ?

Ditch the diets, stop obsessing about food and calories and instead learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Learn to love your body and appreciate all that it can do for you.

The diet industry has created a collective belief that in order to be “happy” and “healthy” we have to look a certain way. This is a big fat lie. It is a seventy two billion dollar industry that is making people feel less then.

Health and happiness is a inside job that we must learn to create from our minds.

In order to cultivate confidence, recognize our own worthiness, set powerful boundaries for ourselves, and find more balance in the day to day we must learn to think in a new way.

Our brains want to tell us differently. Think it’s going to be hard and complicated. Our brains are wired for safety, pleasure, and comfort so anything that challenges you out of your comfort zone, your brain is going to resist. Nothing has gone wrong, you aren’t broken, you just need to learn the skill of going against what your brain naturally wants.

It’s simple. And it takes repetition and practice.

  1. First I’ll teach you to feel your feelings, all of them and not make them mean anything has gone wrong.
  2. Then we are going to uncover what you are saying to yourself day in and day out that’s not serving you.
  3. We will create new thoughts that do serve you that will stick. Just swapping the opposite thought out isn’t going to work. Your brain isn’t going to believe it, and so you won’t be able to generate a feeling that matches the thoughts.
  4. We will get you in alignment with your mind and body. When one is out of alignment you can’t create the results you want.
  5. I am going to teach you how to fail correctly so it doesn’t sabotage you, but instead propels your towards your results.
  6. The last part is learning how to truly take massive action continually.

My 1:1 coaching program will take you in depth into these steps and teach you how to stop the cycle of emotional overeating. I am going to teach you how to master your own mind and connect with your body so you don’t have to sabotage your goals. We are going to set a foundation for success that you can apply to any area in your life.

We are going to rewire your brain.

3 simple steps to get started now:

  • Book a discovery call
  • We will map out a customized plan
  • Execute the plan together

What you can expect:

  • To shed unnecessary weight
  • Feel energized
  • Have more focus and clarity
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Feel more calm and less anxious
  • Feel confident
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved relationship with yourself and others

I have been coaching with Rachel for just over a year and I that year I have learned more ways to manage my anxiety, depression, and stress than I did in 12 years of therapy.

I have been coaching with Rachel for just over a year and I that year I have learned more ways to manage my anxiety, depression, and stress than I did in 12 years of therapy. The most influential things that Rachel taught me were meditation and how to really feel feelings I my body and be able to label then for example, anxiety feel like my heart is racing. Her coaching style is very honest, and she does not let you get away with saying “I don’t know” which is my default response. Also, even though she is honest with her clients she is able to communicate in a way that is sensitive to the needs for the client for example, if the client is sensitive to other people constructive feedback she is able to deliver it I a way that won’t make the client feel like they are being judged. I highly recommend working with Rachel if you are wanting to increase your confidence, srt a business, work on your anxiety as her tools are easy to learn and they work plus she is very supportive through the process. Ellen W.

Let’s make some magic happen.