May 10, 2021


by RachelCoach
The one thing you are doing every month that’s sabotaging your results and what to do about it.

You wake up every morning and your alarm goes off, the first thing you do is hit snooze. After a few rounds of snooze, you grab your phone and start either . . .
Scrolling on social media, looking at the news, or checking your inbox.
Now your mind is already full of all sorts of information and you haven’t even started your day.

Information that isn’t likely fueling you.

Most likely just leaving you overwhelmed, anxious, or totally stressed out.

Then you sit down at your computer and try to start working and you wonder why you can’t focus.

I totally get it, I used to start my day this way too. And I wasn’t creating the momentum in my business that I so desperately wanted.

Try this instead . . .

When your alarm goes off, don’t snooze.

  • Get up, go to the bathroom and get in the shower.
  • Put on some clothes that make you feel good, put on some make up, who cares if no one is going to see you, do it for yourself.
  • Next, find a comfortable place to sit. Set your timer for 10-20 minutes and watch your thoughts. (fyi- this is really all meditation is)
  • Then grab a journal or a piece of paper and just write. Get all the junk out of your head. Don’t censor it.
  • Believe it or not, just getting it out can be really cathartic.
  • Write down 3 statements. What you want to think today. Tell your brain. It’s not used to being directed.

Now you’re ready to start your day.

Do it for even a few days and I promise you will start to see a difference in how you show up.

When you show up differently, your business will create different results.

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