May 13, 2022


by RachelCoach
The fastest way to guarantee you fail

The fastest way to guarantee you will fail . . .

Believing that a program is what’s going to create the results you want.💥

I have heard this from far too many coaches.

“Everyone in so and so’s program is killing it”

“I think I need to join that program because that’s how I am going to figure this creating clients thing out”

“If I join this program then I’ll finally be successful”

It’s not the program or the coach who’s going to get you results.  

Sorry it’s not – it’s you.🌟

As long as you think it’s going to come from something outside of you it doesn’t matter what program you invest in – because likely it won’t work for you.

Honestly any program can work, just like any diet can work.  The only thing that keeps it from working is you thinking:

❌ Something is wrong with you.

❌ That you’re missing something.

❌ That you don’t know enough.

I get it, you think you have tons of proof on how this is all so true.  And I want you to know that it’s not all true.

Your thoughts are creating what I call funky energy.

Funky energy repels your ideal clients.🤦‍♀️

I’m not saying don’t get support.  

100% do.  

Work on becoming the best coach by practicing your own tools on yourself, with peers, and anyone who will let you.  Because this is what helps to build up your confidence.

And when you know in your heart and soul that you can help your people all those funky thoughts will begin to dissipate.

It’s time to start taking ownership and stop putting the responsibility on the “perfect” program.

It’s time to shift your energy so you can attract everything you truly desire instead of creating more of what you don’t want.💫

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