Energy Leaks Wellness Boss Podcast

If your coaching business hasn’t quite gotten the traction you have been hoping for . . . ❌ Your clients aren’t getting the results you know is possible for them, ❌ You aren’t attracting clients that are an ideal fit for your program, ❌ You're not booking consults consistently, and when you do they have tons of excuses why they can’t do it now – too expensive, they don’t have enough time, or they just simply don’t believe it will work. ❌ Or your attracting clients, but then they come to your calls resistant, or with nothing to get coached on. My guess is you have an integrity leak happening.🙉 Integrity leaks happen from within us as a coach and affect who we attract and can impact the effectiveness of our coaching. And they are super common.  I know because I had one at one point too. In today’s podcast episode  I’m going to help you begin to identify potential integrity leaks and what you can do to seal the cracks so you and your clients get the results you want.
  1. Energy Leaks
  2. How your self-concept shapes your reality with Carola Fuertes
  3. Embodiment tool
  4. Lessons from my 60k launch
  5. Becoming an energetic match for you desires