Freedom From Emotional Eating Podcast

Processing emotions, does that sound scary or complicated? I used to think that because I didn’t understand what it really meant. Here’s my interpretation: Allowing a feeling to be in your body without resisting, avoiding or reacting. Just noticing it. Seems so simple right? It actually can be simple.  However I wouldn’t say it’s always easy. Choosing to feel discomfort goes against everything our primitive brains are wired for.  So, we don’t choose it, even though it is required to live a fully free life. Ironic right? If we want to be free, we have to do the exact opposite of what our brains want us to do.  We have to choose discomfort, avoid pleasure in the moment, and be willing to face fear. Our world has evolved since primitive time, so what was best for us then, isn’t necessarily best for us now. Today’s episode is all about processing pain so you can live free.  Which doesn’t mean happy all the time.  It just means living the human experience, feeling all the good and the bad.  Remember if we were happy all the time we wouldn’t even know it because we would have nothing to compare it to. Book your free 1:1 mini session click here.
  1. Processing Emotions
  2. Friending Anxiety
  3. Creating Your Fail Plan
  4. Facts vs Story
  5. Being An Emotional Adult