Freedom From Emotional Eating Podcast

Happiness Chaos to Calm

You wake up every morning and feel super blah. If someone were to ask you how you’re doing, you would say fine. Not really happy and not depressed either. Honestly kind of numb. You realize it’s affecting so many areas of your life. Your work just doesn’t feel as fun and exciting anymore, your relationship seems like it has hit a wall, and often you would rather just binge on Netflix instead of  hanging out with friends. You want to feel happy. Real happiness, not that fake shit that you see all over social media. You have tried so many things. You exercise daily, mediate, even recently started journaling but none of it’s working fast enough. Listen friend. The root problem is you are believing that you are supposed to be happy more than you’re not. So you are avoiding all the negative emotions.  The more you avoid the negative emotions the more numb you feel. In today’s episode I teach you all about creating real happiness. Not the fake shit. The real hard truth is you have to be willing to feel all the emotions.  None are off limits. Ready to fully experience all the human emotions?  Book a free 1:1 discovery call today.  Click here. Learning to Self-Coach is one way to powerfully feel all the human emotions.  Click here for your free Self-Coaching Workbook.
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