Chaos to Calm

Therapy, Coaching, & Entrepreneurship with Amanda Chills Wellness Boss Podcast

Life is just a series of choices and how we react to them. Those decisions are often being run by the stories that are running in our default programming from childhood.   As kids we downloaded information from others and took it all in as fact – when in truth a lot of what was taught/shared with us was just perception. These stories become our belief systems – some of these belief systems serve us and some hold us back. Understanding the stories that run our lives is the foundation of an intentional life. Join me and therapist and coach Amanda Chills for a casual conversation about giving up the stories that don’t serve us, people pleasing, and about taking responsibility for your life. Learn more about working with Rachel click here. Learn more about Amanda and the work she is doing click here
  1. Therapy, Coaching, & Entrepreneurship with Amanda Chills
  2. The Belief Triad
  3. From Passion to Reality
  4. Start Hitting Your Goals
  5. Meditation for Your Business