Freedom From Emotional Eating Podcast

Do you trust yourself? Seems like a pretty obvious answer to most.   But really do you? Most people deep down in their core don’t trust themself.   Honestly, they shouldn’t because they don’t follow through with what they are going to do for themself. For example, do you tell yourself I am going to meditate and self-coach every morning, and  do it at best 2 days a week? Or that you are going to read every night and you end up just watching netflix and pass out? Seems like not a big deal right? But. . . It is.  When you don’t follow through for yourself, you break down your ability to trust yourself for the bigger things. So when you want to lose weight or start that new business you don't’ trust yourself that you’ll be able to. Self-trust is key in creating any result in your life. A healthy body. A calm life. A business without overwhelm. A home without yelling and screaming. A relationship filled with love and ease. Ready to uplevel your life?  Set up your free 1:1 mini session to get started.  Click here. Download my free workbook from Chaos to Calm.
  1. Self-trust
  2. Buffering
  3. Decision Dominance
  4. Fearing Hunger
  5. Your Big Why