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Discipline Chaos to Calm

Do you ever think wow, she’s so disciplined. I wish I could be more like that? What are you making it mean that this person has that you don’t? (FYI this is key) Isn’t that deep down why you want what she has? You want to feel a certain way. Confident. Healthy. Calm. Maybe all three. Discipline isn’t something we all have or don’t have, we aren’t born with it.  We create it. We create it, just like anything else we want for ourselves in our lives. We create discipline because we think it will make us feel  a certain way. This is why we do everything we do in our lives. It’s always for a feeling we are wanting, craving, and seeking. Did you know that you don’t have to have discipline to have that feeling you are wanting. WHAT? You could just change the way you are thinking. If you want to create discipline, you are going to have to do this first. I’m not saying that being a disciplined person is a bad thing.  I actually think we should all create it.  But, not because we want to feel a certain way.  We should create it because it gets shit done. Don’t you want to get shit done? So you can have a wildly successful life. A life on purpose. In today’s episode we talk all about how to create discipline.  And all the thoughts you are going to need to make this happen. Learn more about working with Rachel Click here. Download your free workbook Chaos to Calm. Click here.
  1. Discipline
  2. Creating Done Energy
  3. Getting in Done Energy
  4. How to Self-Coach
  5. Goals