Chaos to Calm

Indulgent Emotions Chaos to Calm

[Warning]: How The Constant Quest for Comfort Is Causing MAJOR overwhelm and confusion Issues for business and life.   The smallest thing happens in your business or life and you start to doubt yourself, question your decisions, and begin to spin into overthinking.   These indulgent emotions leave you constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.   You feel like everything is out of your control.     Finding yourself losing your shit at stupid things and procratinaing at getting your work done.   Deep down all you want is to feel confident, grounded, and calm.   You have tried doing breathing exercises and meditating, but it’s just not working.   I totally get it.  I used to be very reactive too.   The problem is you haven’t learned how to sit with discomfort. You are indulging in your emotions.   It starts by learning what is underneath these indulgent emotions and what you are making them mean about you.   Today's podcast episode identifies some of the most popular indulgent emotions and will give you beginning steps to stop indulging and start taking your power back.   To learn more about my work and to work with me click here.        
  1. Indulgent Emotions
  2. Building Your Self-Confidence Muscle
  3. Lesson From Your Future Self
  4. Letting Your Past Go
  5. Get More Done