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Your First Client Wellness Boss Podcast

Why you are your first client and how you're the best resource. Most of us get into the work we do as healers (coaches, therapists, energy workers, yoga teachers . . .) because of our own personal transformation. I know I did and so did all of my clients.  Yes – every single one of them. Here’s the best news ever – you are your first client. That means that everything you need to help your clients lives inside of you.  All the tools, lessons, and knowledge. It also means that you know exactly how to speak to her/him.   You do know how to draw your potential clients into your space. It starts with you knowing this information. It requires you to continue to be a product of your product. Today’s episode is short and sweet. We dive into how you can use your own transformation as one of your greatest assets and how to stay in integrity as you build your business. To learn more about working with Rachel. Click here. Download the 21 day visibility challenge and start attracting clients today! Click here.
  1. Your First Client
  2. Pivoting
  3. Imposter Syndrome
  4. Fear of Failure
  5. Trailer