Jul 22, 2022


by RachelCoach
My top 5 tip to feeling prepared for your first coaching session

When you are getting started as an online coach it can feel a bit overwhelming.

One of the top concerns I hear from many newer coaches is, they feel uncertain with how they should prepare for their clients’ session so they feel more grounded and confident. Having a roadmap to follow will help you feel more confident as you enter your sessions.


Here are my 5 bullet proof tips.

  1. Leave a minimum of 5 minutes before the call to get grounded.  You can do this by doing guided meditation, a body scan, or simple breathing exercises. It’s essential to regulate your nervous system.
  2. Do a thought dump.  Get out anything that’s currently bothering you on paper and out of your head.  It’s important to not bring any of your shit to your calls with your client.  You want to be a blank slate.
  3. Clean off your desk so there aren’t a lot of loose papers or distractions. Just have a clean piece of paper and something to write notes with.
  4. Have a plan but don’t be attached to it.  How do you want to start the call off?  How do you want to end it?  Structure is important for our brains as humans – just don’t get too attached to it.  Remember all humans are different and will have their unique stories to bring to the sessions.
  5. Turn off your phone or silence it.  Unless you are using if for your call.  If you’re using your computer, clear out all tabs so you won’t be distracted. You want to be fully present with your client.


Remember your role as the coach is to hold space for your client.  

To listen, ask questions, and help them come to the right decisions for themself.  

Don’t just take what they say for face value, be willing to dig deep and to ask them the hard questions.  It’s okay for them to experience discomfort; it is how they will grow and learn.  And this goes for you too! 

Slow down and take your time.

Stay open and curious.

Don’t be attached to any specific outcome.

You’ve got this coach.

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