May 10, 2022


by RachelCoach
Celebrating The Fails

Falling down as a toddler isn’t only acceptable but it’s celebrated.🎉

We’ve got it all wrong by only celebrating the good shit, the wins.

It sends a message to our brains that failing is bad and is a problem.  But, failing is the only way we get stronger 💪, it’s literally the path to our own success.

Imagine if you start to celebrate all your mess ups.  And start to see them as wins.🌟

Because they are.  

Just doing something is so much more than doing nothing.

✔️ Coaching a peer vs just thinking about it. Is getting you practice.  Growing your skill set. Even if they aren’t paying you.

✔️ Putting yourself out there, making an offer is such a win even if no one takes you up on it. It’s literally the first step to creating a client.

✔️ Having a consultation and someone says no – yes it’s still a win.  You took someone through the consultation process and the more you do it the easier it gets.

But too many of you coaches aren’t seeing any of these as wins.🙉

And you’re feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your business and wondering why it’s not working.

The reason it’s not working is because you are so focused on what’s not working and not seeing what is.

You’re not celebrating all your amazing wins.💫  And this sends a really messed up message out into the universe. 

“Not good enough”.

Just creates more – not good enough.

Do yourself a favor and start celebrating all your wins.  This includes your failures.  

Because what you appreciate, appreciates.✨

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