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Jun 8, 2022


by RachelCoach
Let me guess . . .You’re a certification junkie.

Let me guess . . .You’re a certification junkie.

Me too.

Like me, you have completed certification after certification thinking that this is going to make you feel credible as a coach and for some reason you still don’t.  

Instead of feeling more confident you feel even more confused and uncertain.🙉

Even after all these courses you still show up for each coaching session feeling nervous, terrified that you won’t know what to say, or that your client will ask you for coaching on something that you have no clue how to handle.

You wish that someone would just give you the magical formula that will stop you from doubting yourself.

The real problem is you don’t feel competent.🎯

Look, it’s not your fault.  

Coaching certifications are filled with theories and methods, but they aren’t providing you with the practice and application required that is going to help you break through all the self-doubt.

I know what it feels like to want to feel competent and confident when you show up for your coaching sessions.

🌟 To get on a call and know that no matter what your client brings, you are going to be able to help them.

🌟 To feel calm and grounded even when your clients bring up issues that you yourself are still working through. (fyi – this isn’t a problem)

🌟 To be receiving text messages after your session thanking you for the call.

This is why the Live Your Dharma Certification is unlike any other on the market.  Because we focus on:

💎 Practice and Application – because putting in the reps is what’s going to help you build your competence and confidence.

💎 Embodying tools into your physiology so you can be the calm grounded coach who is able to handle whatever comes your way

💎 Simplifying your process so you can feel certain on how you get your clients results and not feel overwhelmed or confused.

It’s not a one size fits all approach.

It’s individualized for you, because everyone learns differently and so will your clients.

Imagine . . .

💫 Getting on a call feeling calm, grounded, and confident that you can help your client.


💫 Your client coming to the call with a difficult situation and you know exactly what to do to help her/him

💫 Knowing that you are the best person to help the person on the other side of the call that even when you are going through something you can still show up for your client powerfully.

Look right now the best thing you can do to start gaining more competence and confidence is to coach.  Ask a friend or a peer if you can coach them.

Because putting in your reps is required.💪

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