Aug 12, 2022


by RachelCoach
Being a coach is a honor

Being a coach is a great honor and it isn’t for the faint of heart . . .

You are signing up for spending a shit ton of time in discomfort.  

Which goes exactly against what human brains are wired for.

You are going to fail – and you have to be able to put on your big girl pants and keep going.

It takes practice to be great.  

You can’t just learn it from a textbook. And . . .It is so rewarding. When your clients . . .

. . .Start making changes in their day to day living – and you know their life is transforming before their eyes

. . . Move forward after an awful break up

. . . Stop having panic attacks 

. . . . Sign their first client 


You get to celebrate with them and that is the best feeling ever.

But it starts with you.  Deciding I’m in for it all. The discomfort, the disappointment, and the pure joy. The best way to have it all – is be really good at your craft.

Which requires practice, feedback, and lots of failures. Which is exactly what we do inside the Live Your Dharma Coaching Certification. It’s a space for coaches to get messy, fail a lot, and become incredible coaches. Ready? Let’s do this! Don’t put it off your dreams and desires for comfort. 

Choose the discomfort it is the how to a thriving coaching business.

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