About Me

Rachel Friedman

Anxiety Coach

Mom, wife, daughter, serial entrepreneur, possibility dealer, and yogi!

I have spent the last two decades as a student of psychology, yoga, fitness, nutrition, and mindful meditation. I am a believer in possibility, conquering your goals and then transcending past them. Rachel believes we can do anything we put our minds to.

Gaining over 20 pounds my freshman year in college and then adding on another 10 pounds sophomore year I felt horrible about myself. The weight not only added pounds onto my body, but it also left me feeling less than “not good enough”. The compounded effects of the weight and poor self-esteem left me anxious and depressed. During my senior year in college she met a young man that inspired her to get healthy. I began to workout and watch what was eating. I started to follow every new diet and exercise program that entered the market. This initially helped her take off some weight, but each time I would go off the diet and would end up putting the weight back on, leaving me frustrated and upset. Years of food restriction and over exercising began to take a toll on me mentally and physically. I was angry and frustrated all the time. I felt as if no matter what I did I could not take off the last 15 pounds or so. I had tried every diet, and everytime I felt like a failure when the diet did not produce the results I so desperately desired.

In 2010 I was introduced to yoga. Discovering yoga and coaching is what saved me from my own worst enemy, myself. After every yoga class she felt amazing, and decided I wanted to learn more, and understand why I felt so good after each practice. This led me to register for a teacher training program. Little did I know how much this program would change my life. It is in this program where I was first introduced to self-inquiry. Self-inquiry gave me insight into my own thinking, and how my own thinking was impacting all the decisions I had made to this point in my life. The true journey back to myself began at this point. It is from this experience that I began to study and learn as much as I could about the power of the mind. Re-discovering my own power set up the framework to end my struggle with weight. The ability to manage my mind, gave me the power to manage my body, and every aspect of my life. From this incredible process I not only lost all of the excess body weight but I gained self-confidence, self-love, and a career.

In 2011 I opened up her first yoga studio in a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. After two years of great success I sold my half of the business to my business partner in order to open up another studio closer to home. In 2014 I opened up my second yoga studio. I have now trained over 100 yoga teachers and continues to lead yoga teacher trainings. Helping yogi’s turn into community leaders and transformation workers.

The key to your success starts with you, your mindset, your belief systems, and your goals. I understand that confidence is the key to a successful meaningful life. I am here to help you get out of your own way, help you drop your bullshit stories, the lies you have been telling yourself to transform beyond your wildest dreams.

I received my undergraduate degree in Social Work from Syracuse University and my graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University. I am a Life Coach through the Life Coach School and E-RTY 500 hour Master Certified Yoga instructor.

If you are ready for a change, a totally new approach, let’s chat.

What you can expect.
  • Understand your own mind
  • Tools

  • New Skills
  • Non-judgemental space