Welcome I’m Rachel,

I help WellPreneurs coaches get clarity and momentum and confidently crush 5k months with ease.

You are good at what you do and know deep down in your soul that you are meant for this work.

But building a business is all so new to you and it leaves you doubting yourself, feeling overwhelmed, and confused.

I totally understand what it’s like to have a gift but have no idea when it comes to creating a business that feels calm and grounded.

I believe that even though you’re newer in your business, you shouldn’t have to wait or do work for free in order to get clients.

You just need the right tools so you can feel confident in your ability to create clients consistently.

Which is why for the past 3 years I’ve helped many early-stage entrepreneurs just like you overcome their mental blocks, clarify their offer and message, and hit consistent 5K months with ease. 

You don’t have to be confused anymore.

Here’s how we do it…….

1. First, we tap into your excellence by clearing up any limiting beliefs that may be lingering in your subconscious mind.  Once we have cleared them we can tap into who your ideal client is and how you are going to help them.

2.Once we have a solid foundation, we clarify your message.  We get super clear on who you are speaking to and what they desire.  We create a message that speaks directly to the heart and soul of your dream clients so they feel compelled to work with you.     

3. The final step is to show you how sales can be simple and fun and not feel manipulative or salsey. 

You can stop spinning in overwhelm and confusion and have a clear vision and a strategy to get momentum in your business.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing exactly how you are going to create your dream clients, how to serve them, and hit your monthly goal.

It all comes down to 3 simple steps.

Certainty in who you help and how is the secret to eliminating overwhelm and confusion.